Where are you now?

img_5735I haven’t posted anything in a while. If I want to be a known and widely read blogger – this might be a slight problem. I have a pretty good excuse though. My summer plans changed in 3 days and I had to take a plane across the world. I’ll tell you about that later.

Sashimi love

The last couple of days I’ve been reminiscing on the time I spent in Japan. When I look back and think about it, in turned out to be one of the best trips in my life.

I miss the long sightseeing walks – I used to walk around 10 miles a day there.

I miss having sushi for breakfast, lunch and dinner… Okay, you can add some udon noodles, Asian BBQ and little octopus balls on a stick to the menu. Actually, everything on a stick!


I miss respecting all the temples and the devotion of the Japanese people.

I miss the people – so helpful, warm and bighearted. So courteous and sophisticated!

I miss the pink Sakuras and the fat tuna.

I miss the orange Shinto temples and the fresh salmon.

I miss waking up in a new town, walking down unknown streets and trying extraordinary cuisine specialties.

I miss admiring the mixture of old and new in Tokyo, the thousand temples and samurai castles in Kyoto, the A-bomb tomb in Hiroshima, the street art in Osaka…

I miss matcha! Everything with matcha…


I couldn’t deal with my cravings any longer so I had to pay a visit to my favorite sushi place in Sofia – The Sushi bar. It’s located downtown near one of the famous streets – Vitosha. It’s relatively small, but cozy restaurant that offers comforting atmosphere and a high food quality. Among the menu you could find numerous kinds of sushi – sashimi (my personal fav), nigiri, unary, uramaki, futomaki, inari, hosomaki, salads, noodles, tempura, main dishes, deserts, two of the well known Japanese beers (Sapporo and Asahi) and of course, sake.

The Sushi bar menu

I love the place and I would definitely recommend it. So, if you’re around Sofia and feel like sushi – give it a try! If you feel like chocolate, give it a try as well! I had this heavenly matcha desert the other night…Yummy!

Matcha chocolate



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