So good to be back

I’ve always loved creative writing. I got inspired two years ago during my Erasmus adventure and thought that I’d start my own blog. It would be about traveling, living abroad, new experience, adventure and so on, I thought. It was really popular at the time and I did have a lot to share and say.

Spring is my season and I adore everything about it! It brings the world back to life!

But you know, times change and I lost my inspiration. The past couple of years so much has happened to me I feel like a completely new person. I spend one year working at an international outsourcing company. At the age of 22. Then, I decided I need a new adventure. So, I packed my bags and headed half way across the world to work on a train in Alaska, USA for the summer. Meanwhile I got to travel all around the state, flew to Hawaii, drove up the California coast and spent couple of days in the city that never sleeps, NY! It was only a seasonal job and once the summer was over, I had to go back home and get back on track with my life.

It was my graduation year and I had to study hard for my final exam. I was looking for a part-time job as well. Tried a couple of things, but nothing worthy. I didn’t want to stop traveling, so I limit myself to European countries near by – a weekend in Romania, visiting friends in Serbia, New Years in Poland. A promising start of 2016!

Anyway, that wasn’t enough for my wanderlust soul. I needed something big. A new adventure, new emotions, new sights, SOMETHING BIG!

That’s how I ended up one night randomly booking a flight to Japan. Out of the blue! Japan – a destination I never considered at the top of my bucket list and yet so unknown and different than anywhere I had been. I knew a few things about the culture and the traditions, but not enough. And of course, I’m a foodie, so I love the food! Sushi <3!

If you’d have asked me couple of weeks ago “Why Japan?” I would’ve said for the food!

This map doesn’t even capture my whole journey. However, it’s 9,184 km (5,706 miles) one-way! P.S. not the farthest I’ve been away from home…

Ask me now! I spent two weeks cross-country exploring Japan and I can reassure you there’s so much more to see and do! I will try to fill you in on the most memorable parts of my trip. You want to know the best one?

Definitely the people! The Japanese are the most open, friendly, helpful, yet polite and kind to foreigners! They’ve made my trip amazing! I had a blast! Before I arrived in the Land of the Rising Sun, I believed the Japanese to be very disciplined, strict traditionalist. I thought they would be distant and I’d be lost in translation. That’s the main reason behind my solid and thorough research before the journey began.

Surprisingly, I didn’t experience any culture shock. Sure there were little specifics about life in Japan like walking on the left side or standing in line for almost everything. I got used to them fast enough to enjoy everyday of my trip and not feel uneasy or uncomfortable. I was warned that not everybody in Japan speaks English. Especially if you get off the beaten track and out of the big cities. Although they’re English is not the best or is nonexistent, they’re trying so hard to help and understand you… they go out of they’re way so much, they leave you jaw-droppingly astounded.

first photo Japan
First photo in Japan. Getting around Tokyo’s Subway

I will share with you all the amazing stories I have collected throughout the trip, but first I would like to celebrate the recovery of my appetite for life, travel and adventures with this come-back post!

As you may have noticed, the pictures and the design of the page are still
the same as two years ago. I’d eventually change them but I’d like you to make a comparison between then and now. Especially the new people in my life – you could take advantage and take a glimpse of what my life and I used to look like… It’s time for a fresh restart! Stay tuned!




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