The nearest beach to Aveiro...where I've swum in the ocean, surfed, walked so many times and I've seen one of the most beautiful sunsets ever in my life!
The nearest beach to Aveiro…where I’ve swum in the ocean, surfed, walked so many times and I’ve seen one of the most beautiful sunsets ever in my life!

I’ve got my warm room, central heating…I can pick what to wear from a wardrobe full of all my clothes, hot water and good pressure in the shower.

Since I came back 10 days ago, it has rained only one night for a couple of hours. I’ve had a week full of sunshine, warmth and good weather.

I have my family, all my friends, the familiar things I’m used to in my life…

But I also have a huuuge hole in my chest and it hurts so bad…

I left my heart in Aveiro.

It’s weird – I have all the right reasons to be happy that I’m back home. My mom and my friends care so much about me and they surround me with all the love and attention I could ever wish for…

I had one week to relax before Uni starts – one week only for the things I want to do… or do nothing at all.

Sounds like a dream, a? Yeah, but the line between a dream and a nightmare is so thin.

At first, I couldn’t sleep. Falling asleep around 4-5 am, because of jet lag, partying and the habit I got in Portugal of going to bed late/early – depends on the view…

Then, I realized that when people around here are having lunch, for me it’s still breakfast time. At dinner I feel like having a ‘lanche’. What is more, I just want to drink coffee all the time and even the beer here tastes so much different… I miss you, mini Sagres and Super Bock ;((

What else? I ought to be happy that I got a week for myself, right… Yep, but at times I just blocked, put the world around me on pause, sat alone thinking about the past 6 months. Remember all the joy and happiness they brought, all the awesome moments, all those unforgettable memories I have with the truly amazing people I met.

I miss it as hell…

I miss every little thing – I even miss the humid air and my curly Aveiro-style hair!

I miss the smell when I pass Doce Aveiro on my way home.

I miss opening the door and hearing my roommates giggle.

I miss the parties…our kind of parties! I miss the mornings after a sleepless night and the following days when we gather in our living room and put together the missing pieces of the puzzle over coffee or tea…

I miss being able to walk everywhere I want to go and meet people I know on the way!

I miss going to Praça alone on a Thursday night and ending up with a bunch of friends hanging out there…

I miss the student spirit, the homie atmosphere and the coziness of my lovely Aveiro!

First place, away from my comfort zone, in this mad mad world, that I have ever called ‘home’!


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