7 Types Of People You Meet While Traveling

For all The Lone Soul Spring Breaker Entrepreneurs

Thought Catalog

The Nomad

They’ve been everywhere and done nearly everything but they don’t plan on going home anytime soon. In fact, they usually don’t have a “home.” Their world is their playground and somehow they have enough money to keep traveling. I’ve met this type on buses, in airports, and hostel bars. They usually fund their travels by teaching English, working cruise ships, making and selling their own product, or some other job that gives them flexibility to travel.

The Nomad type will tell you they’ve just finished backpacking through Australia for the past six months and now they’re headed to the Yucatan or somewhere else equally exotic and alluring. They have a weathered look that says they’ve seen it all but they’re still hungry for more.

The Newbie

It’s this person’s first time traveling internationally. They’re clutching their guide book and their backpack looks like it’s about to burst at…

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