After my last walk for this year in my lovely Aveiro, I feel sooo happy. Happy is the most suitable word! Relieved, full of joy, thankful – the smile doesn’t go off my face!

It’s New Year’s Eve and I just want to say that a year ago, I would have never pictured my life the way it is now… 2013 was the best year I could have ever wished for! Of course, there were times when I could have worked harder, but then, my luck didn’t give up on me. Why was 2013 so important and awesome for me?

In 2013, I hit the road.

I saw London in the winter and in the summer. Not a big difference…

I saw sunny Porto, rainy Porto, foggy Porto, and windy Porto.

I swam in the ocean in the end of August, the end of September, the end of October.

I got lost in Madrid.

I walked a thousand times in the narrow streets of Aveiro.

I saw Portugal put its winter coat on.

I flew one kilometre above the ground!

I slept in a teepee in a hippie village!

I was running up and down one of the oldest universities in Europe!

I packed. I packed a lot! I think the theme of 2013 was packing – packing for 1-2 days, for 1-2 weeks, for 5-6 months.

I moved. I almost move twice. I called another place home and really felt like it. My cozy Aveiro!

I was blessed here with the most beautiful sunsets and amazing view from my own private terrace!

I met people from all around the world, people who share my experience and make it unforgettable! People I will keep in my heart all my life!

I had a typical Portuguese Christmas with a big family dinner! I enjoyed every moment of it!

I realized how much I love my family, especially my mom!

I learned to enjoy alone time and deal with tough moments by myself.

When it got hard, I missed my closest people, but I learned to appreciate them and the time I have with them… I hope you do the same!

I realized that I can take care of myself and how much I have grown up.

I learned also how to enjoy every second of my life! Up to now, I had only heard about that ‘doce vida’… It’s so easy to get used to it!

I felt…no – I feel happy!

In the last hours of 2013, I still feel happy! My only wish for 2014 is for my positive vibes, my joy and my smile to keep on shining on my face all the time everywhere I go! Don’t forget to enjoy the little things in life, but aim at the greatest! Let your dreams scare you!

Let 2014 be an year come true!

Best wishes, hugs and kisses from Portugal!

Let the journey continue… : )



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