You wake up. The sun is shining.

You go out on your terrace. It’s hot.

You make yourself the necessary big cup of coffee to start the day.

You decide to have it on the terrace, of course. You even put your sunglasses on.

You have tons of work to do. You feel okay about that. Maybe it’s the sun effect.

You take your laptop and start working on the terrace. Play some chilling music. Soon your terrace neighbors pop out and join you. Eating, having coffee, laughing.

It’s a beautiful, beautiful day. We go out. We just walk around the streets in the center. Just admiring the view, the colors…enjoying the sun.

People are everywhere. Taking walks, sitting in the small cafés and pastelerias, eating castanhas, tripas, bolachas. We’re eating ice cream. Sitting near the Ria, walking underneath the Christmas decoration in Forum. Taking pictures with the Christmas tree in our t-shirts. Smiles on our faces.

December mode ON!



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