The Aveiro Diary

When I told my foreign friends that I have a blog where I post every once in a while, but it’s in Bulgarian, they asked me to write a post in English for them to understand. Since I’m in Portugal, I wanted to find some time and inspiration to write something about my experience here. Today I finally managed. So, here it is:

An usual Saturday evening in Aveiro. Sitting in a crowded students cafe-bar with an almost 50 year-old history. Drinking beer and watching a football game between two of the best teams in Portugal. The bar is full of young people who are chatting, eating, drinking coffee after they’ve eaten, of course, and passionately reacting to everything going on the screen. Shouting, making jokes, enjoying. Even the waiters interrupt their work and stop from time to time to see a goal and also enjoy the game.

It’s a normal aspect of the life in Portugal. If you take a walk now in Aveiro, you would see all the small bars, cafes and even bakeries full of people…

Ooh! The bakeries and pastry shops…They’re simply amazing – baking their own bread and all the traditional desserts ‘pasteis’ which are sooo mouth-wateringly delicious. The feeling you get when passing by a bakery early in the morning or in a cozy afternoon and sensing the addictive aroma of baked sweets…awesome.

And the people, what can I say, they seize every moment and have pleasure in every little thing they do. They enjoy their everyday life. Especially food (fish, meat, rice, rice, rice, always with some onion), beer (Sagres vs. Super Bock), wine (vinho do Porto – the famous Porto wine ~18-20% of alcohol!), and coffee, of course, after every meal.

One very important thing you should know about people in Aveiro, like a friend here explained to me, is that they say ‘thank you’ a lot. So, you have to say it as well – all the time, he said…

I’m here more than 2 months now and it already feels like home. Like the saying goes – it’s easy to get used to a good life. I can even imagine staying. I feel really happy here. Aveiro makes me happy.

So, I say
Obrigada, Aveiro

The amazing view from my terrace
The amazing view from my terrace

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